Kate Meroe

Firstly, may | say a HUGE thank you and your team for the amazing work you have done here on site.
You have been extremely accommodating and helpful and the level of professionalism we have
received has been outstanding.

We have had several emails from our tenants here expressing how much they have enjoyed the food
you have provided, with one tenant saying;

“Ome they’re incredible! the whole of our team are obsessed!”

‘The quality of the food served has been phenomenal, and may | personally say that your ‘Kadai
Chicken Curry’ is without a doubt the nicest, most flavoursome curry | have ever had in my life!

| would like to thank you for your enthusiasm to help, and again for the polite and accommodating,
nature of your team.

I cannot praise you highly ‘enough and would gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a polite,
professional and delicious catering service.

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for us here at The Forums. it is an
absolute joy and a pleasure to have you on site.

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